If you're my friend, you know this is all I ever talk about
  1. They will save so many lives
    A 747 full of people die EVERY DAY on our roads. Just in America. If a passenger jet went down every day, no one would fly, but we have no problem getting on the road and trusting a bunch of tired, texting, sometimes drunk strangers with our lives. Self-driving cars would eliminate these deaths.
  2. Traffic will disappear
    Traffic occurs not because of the number of cars, but because we don’t drive with perfect efficiency (rubbernecking, shitty merging, we wait to start moving until the car ahead of us does, etc.). Self-driving cars would work together. No traffic.
  3. So much extra time
    Instead of driving, you can: sleep, work, hook up, hang out, watch tv, read, whatever. Driving is a waste of time.
  4. We will all be car sharing
    It turns out that if you map the life of your car, it is off 95% of the time. This is a waste. Once we will be able to call a car to us at any moment, there will be no need for us to own cars at all. We’ll all be members of different car-sharing networks (rich people will share Bentley’s, the rest of us will share crappy Tesla’s, whatever)
  5. No more parking lots
    Self-driving cars will drop us off, then go to pick up the next person (or go underground to recharge). This will eliminate the need for parking lots. Did you know 1/3 of major cities are taken up by parking lots? All of a sudden, we have tons of new space for parks, housing, plazas, business, amusement parks, you name it.
  6. It's not DiGiorno
    Self-driving delivery trucks will make it cheaper for us to get things brought to us, rather than having to drive to a store, park, wait in line, then make a return trip. In large cities, it is vastly more efficient for items to be delivered all in a row (think the mailman), rather than having us all travel to stores independently.
  7. Transportation suddenly opens to a host of new people
    Kids don’t need their parents to drive them to soccer practice anymore, the elderly can get to the store, blind people can go wherever the hell they want. It’s the future, baby.