*story not as dramatic as the title suggests
  1. After speeding to the airport in an Atlanta storm, I found out even though I am TSA pre check it wasn't on my boarding pass. TSA worker told me I'd be fine and to continue through to pre-check and when I got there they said I had to go back through regular TSA.
  2. After getting through the long security line I sprinted to my gate only to find my flight delayed 3 hours and the Southwest attendant was not helpful
  3. A friend who was flying on Delta 30 min later told me there were seats available so I SPRINTED through two concourses only to be told there was no way I was gonna get on plane
  4. Planning on getting back home at 930pm and realizing you'd get home at 2:00am sucks and made me angry and sad so I decided to get a cheeseburger from 5 Guys
  5. While waiting for my food this kid who was working there was so positive and energetic and kind that I remembered most people are good and I fucking love hard workers
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  6. The burger was goddamn delicious (cheese bacon pickles jalepenos lettuce ketchup mustard)