LAX to Toronto. The vicodin is for my back.
  1. Air Canada has very friendly staff and very old planes
  2. One of the nine movies they offer is Spinal Tap and even though I've seen it fifty times it holds up and I think Tony Hendra may be the funniest person in it
  3. I like New York Magazine WAY better than The New Yorker which means I am not intellectual
  4. I fucking love warm nuts
  5. If you show any annoyance to a parent with their child on a flight you are a dickbag (unless the parent is being mean to their kid)
  6. I constantly miss Bruno Kirby
  7. Kingsmen is so good and I want to be in a Matthew Vaughn movie
  8. I felt bad for Kanye getting interrupted by that dude during his set but then I remembered what a shithead Kanye is
  9. Bees are dying and we are all fucked