1. A panda selling beer
  2. Florence + The Machine + LOTS of glitter
  3. Plethoras of paraphernalia plus
  4. Isaac Brock apparently sober (sorry, that's snarky)
  5. Bajas, bajas everywhere…at the stores. Didn't see anyone wearing one.
  6. Ruby Amanfu. Check her out, she was amazing. ETA: Also she covers Jump, Little Children on her album, which is the best band ever just like The Beatles are.
  7. Free hugs
  8. This Merch Church. I should have gotten a t-shirt. Purple is my signature color. ;-)
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  9. Mud. Lots o' mud.
  10. Jack Ü, aka Skrillex and Diplo. That's dubstep, right? My knowledge of electronic music is mostly early 90s techno. ETA: I've since learned that Jack Ü is pretty much the biggest band in the world right now. That explains a lot.