I'm still a Marvel girl though... 💁
  1. The soundtrack was good but they tried to jam too many songs in the film. The music was so loud it felt like they were trying to drown out the actors.
  2. Besides Will Smith and Margot Robbie I can't tell you who else was in the movie. Jared Leto's Joker had very limited screen time so I'm barely counting him.
  3. The Joker was insane. The metal teeth, tattoos, etc. I wonder why so many of his scenes were cut. I'm still forever loyal to Heath Ledger's Joker. He set the bar so high no one can reach it.
  4. The Plot. It was weak and didn't have any surprising twists and turns like you're used to in a superhero movie. The villain wasn't very villainous in her quest to destroy the world. Too many CGI effects and weird gyrations when she was making that weapon. Her fire wielding metal brother reminded me of the bad guy from the first Thor film.
  5. My theater barely laughed at the movie's attempts at comedy. It came across as corny to me. I would rate it a D- only because Margot Robbie was good as Harley Quinn. Her NY accent was almost as questionable as her costumes.