How to include your kids in your wedding ceremony

Giving your child the opportunity to actively participate in marking the creation of your new family can be source of assurance and empowerment for him or her. For children from past relationships especially, it’s an opportunity to establish bonds and commitments between all members of your combined family. Here are some ideas:
  1. Have your child walk you down the aisle.
  2. Give your child a gift that symbolizes your new family.
  3. Make your unity candle a family candle.
  4. Have a family sand ceremony.
  5. Say vows to your child about being a family. (Both parent and step-parent can speak from the heart.)
  6. Let your children make something to be displayed at the ceremony or carried by the parents.
  7. Have the whole family make something to be displayed in the family home. This can be displayed at the wedding or just mentioned in the ceremony.
  8. Have a group hug after the kiss!
  9. Be introduced as a couple and as a family.