1. Do we need a permit?
  2. Is there parking?
  3. How far is it to the ceremony site?
  4. Will all of our guests be able to get there easily?
    Do you have any guests with mobility issues who may not be able to handle the walk?
  5. Do we need to bring chairs? How will we get them there and who will set the up/take them down?
    At the very least you will want to consider providing chairs for older guests.
  6. Are there bathrooms nearby for guests?
  7. Is it noisy?
    Pounding surf, street noises, kids playing can all effect whether or not your guests can hear your ceremony.
  8. Is there electricity if we need it?
    (Door you need power for ceremony music?)
  9. Is there lighting?
    Sunset ceremonies are lovely but you and your guests will need to see once the sun goes down.
  10. Are there any restrictions on how we can use the site or what we can bring?
    You may find there are restrictions on: the number of people, whether or what kind of music can be played (e.g., amplified vsm acoustic), use of open flame or sparklers, den restrictions on tossing rice or birdseed. If you don't see restrictions listed 8n your permit, ask.
  11. Will we have exclusive use of the area and for how long?
  12. Is there shade or shelter if it gets too hot/cold/wet?
  13. What is our bad weather plan? And how far in advance will we make that call?