My 2017 Compendium of Birthday Facts
  1. 31. I have a picture on my debit card of myself when I was 18. In this quite blurry photo, I am still wearing glasses. This was back in the day where having such a photo on a card was the thing. All the cool kids did it.
  2. 30. I have had the same checking account since I was 18 - hence #31.
  3. 29. My sisters have already told me this is disgusting, so consider it a sort of PSA: there are pillows on my bed that I have had since... uh...1994. They are so flat that they are two to a single pillow case (let's not discuss what they've gone through or what they are probably composed of now).
    ***Don't shame me!*** I am throwing them away today because I bought myself new pillows! Yay!
  4. 28. I have zero luck when it comes to raffles, "Chinese auctions" or other such drawings of chance. Even radio contests. My luck at scratch-offs is negligible. I keep telling myself I'm not going to enter or do them anymore. P.S. - I think the phrase "Chinese auction" is fucked up.
  5. 27. I know of at least three other people who share my birthday. One of those people is Jennifer Kay! The others are Craig St. John and Ariel Allison.
  6. 26. I own more than three pairs of Wonder Woman-themed underwear. I got them from Torrid.
  7. 25. I'm pretty sure the first Super Bowl I vaguely remember watching was Super Bowl XXVII or XXVIII. I know the Cowboys were playing. I couldn't tell you what happened or anything about the game; however, I know I was at home and that I was rooting for the Cowboys (aka "America's Team" as they were known back then).
  8. 24. My guilty pleasure television show, Grey's Anatomy, is not really a guilty pleasure for me so much as an outright pleasure. I have grown up alongside Grey's. It premiered in the spring semester of my freshman year of college and I feel a connection with the series.
    I love the diversity of characters and the strong women who are not afraid to make their careers a priority. Miranda Bailey is a fictional hero of mine. It is intelligent, feminist, and sexy. I have seen every episode, sometimes multiple times. I watch reruns of the show on weekdays. I make a point to watch it on Thursday nights. Scoff if you must, point out how unrealistic it is if you want... but I love Grey's.
  9. 23. For the past three semesters, my YSU passwords have been song lyrics. My students poke fun of me for the length when they see me typing, but I haven't forgotten my passwords!
  10. 22. My everyday color of lip stain is Cover Girl's "Dusty Rose." My red lip stain is for limited occasions.
  11. 21. The only athletic shoes I will wear are Asics Kayanos. A podiatrist recommended them, my orthotics fit, and the toe area is boxy enough for my funky feet. Funky as in hallux rigidus, not funky as in stinky.
  12. 20. The clock in my bedroom is 10 minutes fast. I'm not sure how it got that way, but I'm too lazy to fix it -- and I'm usually too out of it in the morning when it goes off to consider the ten minute difference.
    My snooze amount also is 10 minutes and I have no idea how that happened because it used to be 7 or 9. Maybe it self-adjusted and I should give it more credit.
  13. 19. My largest tattoo is of Texas wildflowers (bluebonnet, Indian paintbrush, Indian blanket).
  14. 18. I'm a Ravenclaw. I haven't taken the quiz through Pottermore, but I know I'm a Ravenclaw.
  15. 17. My senior year of high school, I raised three turkeys from the time they were chicks to being a few months old. They lived in a cage on my desk in my bedroom. One was a little weak so I put him in my bra for a few hours, kept him warm, and he perked up.
    It's been over 10 years, but I still remember how, as chicks, they would sometimes puff their feathers out and strut. It was the cutest. I also remember their little nubbins above their beaks. Super cute.
  16. 16. I drive the same car the I drove my senior year of high school. Not the same *type* of car. The exact same car. It has 176K+ miles. Aiming to get 74K more, though I'm not sure if that's realistic.
  17. 15. My favorite card game is Skip-Bo. I like it because you have to pay attention and you can also be sort of a dick.
  18. 14. My front teeth are somewhat mottled because there was too much fluoride in the water when I was a child. I was very self-conscious about it growing up. Now I'm just glad my teeth are strong and straight.
  19. 13. I own Settlers of Catan, but have never played it. The same could be said of many games I own because apparently the me in my head - the one who makes purchases- is a whole hell of a lot more social than the actual me. I guess the me in my head hosts people/has parties a lot more frequently.
  20. 12. I take Zyrtec on a daily basis for my allergies. I remember when Claritin came out (back when it was prescription only). It was a godsend because I got horrible sinus infections as a kid. I should note that, since moving to Ohio, doctors have not encouraged me to use nasal sprays or a netipot -- which is good because I hate both of those things
  21. 11. My favorite Game of Thrones character is Arya Stark.
  22. 10. One of my favorite books growing up was Matilda by Ronald Dahl. My aunt gave it to me for Christmas. My aunt also bought me one of my favorite book series, Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials.
  23. 9. I use the same messenger bag for work as I did in grad school. It is durable and fairly unique.
  24. 8. I've never smoked anything in my life. I love the smell of smoked meats, though. (I know the two are unrelated)
  25. 7. I've worn many different types of glasses in my life, but my favorite type are black frames (like Tina Fey, Daria, and Tina Belcher)
  26. 6. I vaguely remember sitting on a horse being led around when I was a kid. Other than that, I've never ridden a horse.
  27. 5. I consider my necklace with my aquamarine jewel on it to be a sort of talisman. It doesn't protect me from anything. I just feel like it is a part of me.
  28. 4. I tore my achilles tendon when I was in the 4th grade. My dad accidentally hit the back of my leg with a heavy shopping cart from Sam's when I stopped suddenly in front of him. As you can imagine, it hurt a lot.
  29. 3. It's hard for me to choose a favorite breakfast cereal, but I think I'd have to go with Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
  30. 2. I've never had a root canal. I have had dry sockets though.
  31. 1. My life's mantra, which I struggle with everyday, is "practice ambivalence."
    It comes from a section in Amy Poehler's book Yes Please. It basically means to care about work, but not about the result. Try to care less and let go of wanting it. Caring about how good you are and how good you feel, but not about how good people think you are or how good people think you look. It applies - or at least need to apply - to many parts of my life, from my love life to my relationship with my body.