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Getting to know you getting to know me. 5 photo Thursday because it's almost Friday
  1. I'm 45 school of hard knocks, made me, determination and strong character please save me. lol , don't take myself to seriosly. Haters gonna hate. I say don't be a hater, you can be greater!
  2. Well because I like good food, and have good taste
  3. As a world traveler I get around. Here in Puerto Rico where they have the largest radio satellite dish in the world. James Bond was here in Goldeneye. I love Spy Shit.
  4. Beauty is everywhere, just look and see. Avoiding negativity and negative people and shit that's me.
  5. Always love my Chiquita's cause it's a mans world but as James Brown said it wouldn't mean nothing without a woman or a girl. My sweetest is on the right. My lovely Chiquita Banana.
  6. When I roll out as the Shape Shifter, I don't sweat Batman. I know a bold statement. Trust me I can kick some ass if need be.