As requested by @icupcake
  1. Doyle
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    Why?: Not only does he sacrifice himself and save a ton of people, he does it even though someone else has committed to doing it. He chooses to martyr himself for the greater good, even when living means getting everything he's ever wanted in Cordelia. Not to mention a nine episode run is tragically short for fans.
  2. Wash
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    Why?: Because you never see it coming. Wash is for me one of whedon's most relatable characters. He's comic relief but there's more to him, and you wanted to see him find the happy ending he deserves. Getting the Serenity movie was a huge victory for fandoms and opened new possibilities for cancelled property, but once he's killed by reavers it's impossible to focus on the remainder of the film. It takes some joy out of everything and even changes how i watch the individual episodes of firefly.
  3. Wesley
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    Why?: it's hard to put into words, i was rooting for wesley since everyone hated him on Buffy. That's right, i liked wesley before it was cool. The journey from nerd to badass has never been done so well. For me i always wanted to see him be the last man standing on angel. The record keeper, the one who remembers them when they're all gone. Sadly he never makes it that far. Lie to me whedon, tell me he's okay.
  4. Cordy
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    Why?: Because she's the heart of, "Angel." We last see Cordelia for one beautiful episode after being almost completely left out of the show for a year. Her character is one that gets to grow from her time on Buffy all the way through angel and when cordy isn't there the show is missing something. The hole she leaves behind is felt throughout the remainder of the series.
  5. Penny
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    Why?: the circumstances, she's the innocent caught in a super-squabble. Her life is devoted to helping others and her completely unpretentious demeanor and plucky wit endear her in her under fifty minute runtime. There's a reason the innocent bystander theme is so prevalent in hero stories and here it's on display in full force.
  6. Anya
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    Why?: Because she's fought so hard to regain her humanity, to understand and appreciate it. After all the pain and growth she's finally chosen her human path only to be cut down in the final fight. Not to mention the emotion built into her character over the majority of the series. And of course because of her we all know there's a world a shrimp.
  7. Fred
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    Why?: because why can't she stay? Yeah that's right, feel that in your heart muscle? Devastating, Fred didn't just walk with heroes, she was one and after a hellish existence and fighting the good fight we lose her only one episode after she finds the ship she was meant for.