As requested by @icupcake
  1. Koala
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    Because of the time i spend in trees, asleep, being all about the eucalyptus
  2. Doyle
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    Just an irish accent away
  3. The Ecto-1
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    Cuz we're both loud, and white, and we ain't afraid of no ghosts
  4. Appa
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    I can be a big, dopey lump that i hope people will decide to feed from time to time
  5. Boston Cream Donut
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    Because i think i'm delicious? Probably not a good sign if I have to post it as a question
  6. Paul
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    Because he'a equal parts stoned and frustrated at any given moment
  7. Eli Wallace
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    Ok subtract his talent for math and add my beard and i just feel like this guy is me.
  8. Charlie Brown
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    The football is my life goals
  9. Serenity
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    You can't take the sky from