As requested by @icupcake
  1. "The Zeppo" - Dan Vebber
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    Xander is desperate to reaffirm his worth after an injury causes Buffy to leave him out of the fighting for fear of his safety. Struggling with to find his identity outside the Scoobies; he embarks on a series of increasingly dangerous mishaps that leads him to both answers and affirmation.
  2. "Fool For Love" - Doug Petrie
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    Buffy is injured badly in a fight with a random vampire while on patrol. Determined not to let it happen again she arranges to meet Spike at the Bronze so he can tell her all about his victory and murder of two previous Slayers. Most of the episode takes place in flashback as we learn how and why Spike becomes the man he is.
  3. "Once More With Feeling" - Joss Whedon
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    Sunnydale is under a magical enchantment that causes everyone, human and demon alike to sing their heart- songs as if the world were a staged musical. Every number is perfect whether it's funny, romantic, or any number of emotions Joss Whedon's music and lyrics want you to feel.
  4. "The Body" - Joss Whedon
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    Picking up where the previous episode ended, Buffy finds her mother dead on the couch. The episode is a jarring and unsympathetic portrayal of how The Scoobies are faced with a natural, personal, tragedy. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Emma Caulfield stand out giving Buffy and Anya some of their most emotional scenes of the entire series.
  5. "Lies My Parents Told Me" - David Fury & Drew Goddard
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    Another episode that examines Spike's history. Spike struggles to unlock the secret to the trigger in his mind set there by the first by focussing on his relationship with his mother whom he loved dearly as a man. Things take a nasty turn after he becomes a vampire. Meanwhile in the present the first evil torments Robin Wood with images of his mother, one of the slayers Spike killed. Wood prepares for his final confrontation with Spike.
  6. "Something Blue" - Tracy Forbs
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    Willow is devastated by her break up with Oz and turns to magic for comfort. The spell goes wring and people find themselves doing whatever she unknowingly compels them to. Xander becomes a virtual magnet for demons, Giles looses his vision, and Buffy agrees to marry Spike. Each character pulls their role off to comedic perfection.
  7. "Restless" - Joss Whedon
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    After the Initiative falls the first slayer comes to attack Buffy, Xander, Giles, and Willow in their dreams in order to sever the slayer's link to her family and friends. The episode is told in four segments that probe the subconscious of each character, with amazing shot scenes and every moment dripping with subtext. Cameos from characters of the past also make this a truly great and fascinating watch. Plus there's a man offering cheese slices.
  8. "Grave" - David Fury
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    Dark Willow is spiraling out of control, consumed by grief she intends to end the world so no one can feel it ever again. Xander gives the yellow crayon speech and saves the world with his words. Buffy realizes that shielding her sister from the world isn't how she wants to live anymore, she wants to show Dawn all it can be. Andrew and Jonathan hightail it out of Sunnydale, and Spike fights to regain his soul.
  9. "Prophecy Girl" - Joss Whedon
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    The season one finale was at first thought to be the series finale. Not expecting a season 2 the show was intended to be wrapped up here and if it had it would have gone out with a whopper. Buffy is confronted with a prophecy that predicts her death at the hands of the master, but if she refuses to face him he'll destroy the world by opening the Hellmouth.
  10. "Earshot" - Jane Espenson
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    Buffy gains the ability to hear the thoughts of anyone near her. So immediately everyone starts thinking the things they want her to know the least and she would rather not know any of it, even if it is great comedy fodder for the viewers. And of course a lunch lady wants to poison all the students. Originally this episode was not televised do to the Jonathan character bringing a gun onto school property. It was written and filmed before the columbine-shootings but was pushed after they occured.