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Now, this is based on the actors themselves; somehow my favorite characters wormed their way into this as well. Not my fault Marvel chooses their cast very well!
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    Robert Downey Jr.
    I mean, aside from him playing my favorite Avenger, he's so witty and charismatic that I understand how the role of Tony Stark came so naturally to him. Plus, he's got the confidence of 10 men. (All you other fans should get that reference.)
  2. 2.
    Chris Evans
    There's a reason why there's such a hype about Chris Evans: he's a likable, humorous guy whose down for anything. However, he's so thoughtful and serious sometimes that I'm amazed. Very well-rounded.
  3. 3.
    Sebastian Stan
    I like how his personality is different from the others in the Marvel cast (meaning more similar to mine). He has a more quiet sense of humor and gives off a brooding persona. He would be higher on this friends list if I didn't have a small crush on him.
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