I've decided my childhood is from K-12th grade. These are the major crushes otherwise a lot of other people would be on this list
  1. Andrew
    Such an innocent crush. In the 3rd my friend asked me who I would kiss if I had to and his was the first name to come to mind.
  2. Kevin
    I think this was my first real crush. I liked Kevin from the 5th-7th grade and we barely spoke, but when we did it was usually about soccer or church lol
  3. John
    This crush was rough because it was also my first rejection. In the 7th grade we sat next to each other during math
  4. Chelsea
    This was weird but the summer going into 9th grade wow did I have the biggest crush on her. Of course she was way too old and had been my counselor at camp but oh well. Also I'm pretty sure she knew since id just blush around her all the time.
  5. Ari
    My last real crush on a guy that was a fleeting and brief week long thing. He there started dating someone and I pretty much got over it.
  6. Amelia
    The pinnacle of all crushes. 4 years of high school I spent crushing on this girl. And she had to know probably. I'm not very chill, it was kinda obvious.