Essays I regret not writing while getting my English degree. More parts to come.
  1. "Hedda Gabler Had Penis Envy"
    Henrik Ibsen's famed anti-heroine wanted a penis
  2. "Why Neil Gaiman Books Aren't as Good as You Think"
    Seriously, I don't get the hype.
  3. "Robinson Crusoe vs Gulliver: Battle Royale"
    Both lost and confused in the world. Crusoe would win though.
  4. "Why Frankenstein is Indeed the Monster"
    Whenever someone mentions Frankenstein someone else with inevitably mention that he's not the Creature, but he is the monster of the story.
  5. "Why the American Education System Needs to Get Out of Its White Euro-Centric Bubble"
    All of the books on this list were written by white people. Most literary novels studied are by old white men. Stop. Expand your horizons.