I'm aiming for the misuse of LGBT characters in television - specifically the death of lesbians or bi erasure but unsure which I could explore more - if you have ideas please help!!! Suggest media for me to look at!!!
  1. Buffy
    Tara shot and killed
  2. The L Word
    Dana written often with the fastest metastasizing cancer ever
  3. The 100
    Lexa was just shot and killed
  4. Bi erasure happens a lot during sweeps week
    The oc, 90210, south of nowhere etc
  5. The Crying Game
    I honestly watched this long ago but it is a fantastic use of LGBT characters. I can't remember their fate but I know some of the students in my college class were arguing about the representations of every single character no matter what. (Also made in 1992 in Ireland so it's all a bit different than how I'd hope they would write it now, but I was focused on the cultural aspects for Irish literature not the cultural aspects as a whole so I couldn't help more, but I keep talking. Sorry)
    Suggested by @libby92
  6. Glee
    "Bisexual is a term gay guys use in high school when they want to hold hands with girls and feel normal for a change," a lot of the episode Blame it on the Alcohol, Ryan Murphy making Blaine gay rather than bi so kids know he's "one of them" (it's fine if he's gay but what a problematic explanation). It could also be argued that Santana was portrayed as a bisexual and then without much development portrayed as a lesbian.
    Suggested by @lmao
  7. htgawm
    love shonda rhimes but the way they treated the michaela/connor situation was so shitty. guess what michaela! your fiancé having a relationship with a man in college doesn't necessarily mean he's gay and doesn't love you. bisexual people exist.
    Suggested by @meredith
  8. This is a pretty comprehensive list that should help
    Suggested by @christineeee89