I'm a snapchat whore tbh. I have more saved but these were just on my phone. Also I'm sorry these are mostly all of my face.
  1. Me always
  2. Accurately explaining my love life
  3. My fears then and now
  4. Me always
  5. I got asked out
  6. I saw Love Actually for the first time
  7. "Who needs optimism when you have nice eyes?"
  8. Mhm.
  9. I'm embarrassing
  10. Me.
  11. @sesealyah and I discovering our compatibility
  12. What am I doing?
  13. Confused as always
  14. My life
  15. Bein' ugly
  16. Bonus: photocred to my roommate but I had a breakdown and this is an actual quote from me during it.