I'm in my 5th year and just finished my second to last semester so why not rank them all?
  1. Spring semester, Freshman year 2012
    After the horror of my first semester and almost taking a leave of absence, I joined rugby and found the sport to end all sports, made some of my closest friends and met my first girlfriend. I can't describe what it's like just finding something that clicks but I wish I could relive that feeling again.
  2. Spring semester, Senior year 2015
    Last spring was generally awesome. As a senior you're set up already, you know your way around, you have your friends and it's just about having fun and experiencing everything. I lived off campus for the first time with four of my best friends and began dating my second girlfriend. Rugby was awesome cause it was the tournament season and our coach settled in more.
  3. Fall semester, Senior year 2014
    This semester, while slightly emotional at times still ranks pretty high. Walked to class twice a week with my best friend, made out with a couple people and had Saturday morning tv days with my housemate.
  4. Fall semester, Sophomore year 2012
    This was right after my first semester of rugby so I was riding that wave of happiness still. My ex-gf and I were still in the beginning stages of our relationship where nothing could go wrong and I declared my first major.
  5. Fall semester, 5th year 2015
    This one started off rough. I got dumped the first day back at school with no warning or reason and I don't think I handled it well since I literally don't remember the month of September much. Rugby was hard cause my ex was always there. But around mid-late oct things started to get better. My friends are awesome and stuck with me through it and I just focused on school as much as possible. Gotta graduate at some point.
  6. Fall semester, Junior year 2013
    My first year living with all my friends but also directly after my first break up. The sadness wasn't exactly something I knew how to deal with. My grades were great though.
  7. Spring semester, Sophomore year 2013
    My ex gf was mean and nasty all the time for no reason other than she didn't know how to handle her shit and took it out on me. To too it off I had my lightest academic semester and did the worst ever.
  8. Spring semester, Junior year 2014
    I was captain of the rugby team for the second semester in a row but we lost our coach. My ex who I was hanging out with all the time was getting as weird as she did when we dated. This girl literally was trying to make me seem like the bad captain and player and I cried all the time. The silver lining was my grades and my roommate who was awesome.
  9. Fall semester, Freshman year 2011
    It was hard to choose between this semester and the one above as the worst but ultimately this one out. While I did well in school, I didn't meet a lot of people my first semester or really make that many friends. I was scared to join clubs because the few I went to weren't very open or friendly and I was sick from maybe October-Jan with allergic reactions and breathing issues on top of crippling anxiety and a depressive episode. It was rough but it all worked out!