@lesbian and @louisa_rd convinced me
  1. My first kiss; maybe our whole relationship, was full of drunkenness and intoxication and that's not always good.
  2. I'm sorry for making you a rebound, and for the drama you caused - but you were a decent rebound at least.
  3. One if my best friends, I kinda regret this because it's just sorta weird.
  4. You asked to kiss me after weeks of almost kisses, my only regret is not doing it again the next weekend because I had a headache.
  5. You're kinda crazy and insane but you pursued me and it was fine when you ended things because I didn't really like you.
    I don't even know
  6. Definitely crazy and definitely a mistake.
    Too much tongue omg
  7. I still miss you and I kissed you two weeks ago and every time I do it's like I have to learn how to forget you.
    But I'm glad we are friends despite it all.
  8. The only boy I've ever kissed and he was pretty good at it, would've kissed longer if he didn't have to drive his sister home.
    He bought me a lot of drinks. What a sweet guy.
  9. Definitely an amazing kiss, kind of a unexpected turn of events but glad to know we both just like kissing and aren't looking for anything; it makes it all easier.