Having streaming accounts (aka my parents streaming accounts) helps with most tv related desires but not all
  1. The Food Network
    Not nearly enough food network is available through streaming services. And the stuff that is offered is all very old.
  2. Chopped
    This show deserves it's own category. But see reason above.
  3. HGTV
    How can I watch people complain about not having their dream house without cable?!? Again what's offered on streaming is old and already over watched.
  4. The Wiz Live
    This is something I really wanted to see but with no recording device and no cable I had no ways to watch it. I just hope it'll pop up on hulu plus.
  5. Grease Live
    This premieres Jan 31st but I'll be back in my apartment full time with no cable and no way to watch this unless it gets put on a streaming service.
  6. The 13 Nights of Halloween
    While I've seen most of these movies, it's nice to watch these specials to feel festive!
  7. The 25 Days of Christmas
    See above.