1. I spent forever trying to be her friend and finally succeeded
    I don't even think she knows how hard I tried. Always saying hi during our 8am and forcing her to come back to rugby were just plots to be my friend!!!
  2. She is literally the most supportive person ever
    Even when I am making the worst decisions of my life she WILL SUPPORT ME.
  3. She's gonna be a bomb ass educator of young minds
    Literally all of her kindness and humor and empathy just adds to her passion about books and teaching and I can't wait for her to succeed at this because I know she's gonna be one of those teachers for kids that really make an impact and get them excited. That one book or that one lesson is just gonna make them wanna learn more or change their outlook and I can't wait for that to happen for her
  4. We are super nerds and I love it
    Once we each gave each other nerd awards and I was so happy that we had the same award for each other. Whether it's books,tv or movies we generally have the same Taste and I love that we can be super excited about all of them to each other
  5. I can only call her Dewey because Rachel sounds weird when I say it and it's okay with her
    I call her Dewey so much that's how my family refer to her too
  6. She will never not listen to me be crazy
    I literally always have drama and somehow Dewey is always listening
  7. We have a majority of our conversations via snapchat
    We didn't even use the chat function. We'd send dozens of pictures of our dumb faces to finish one sentence but it is so much fun!
  8. One of my favorite moments, despite our emotional state at the time, was Halloween where she was dressed as Shrek and I as the Texas flag and we sat outside the pizza place crying on the sidewalk as we shared 5 slices of pizza.
    There is no documentation of this moment but it will live on forever
  9. She is an awesome scrumhalf
    Literally one of the only people who both listens and commands on the field while keeping everyone in a good mood. This is something I envy about her. I can always trust Dewey to be there and I love when she says "thank you Irene" because I'm there to receive her pass.
  10. My 5th year bud. A fellow 22 year old, just muddling through life
    #5thyearqueens as I like to state. Dewey kept me grounded and sane this entire year. #rookiegirldrama, am I right? And it was so helpful to have someone who was just as exasperated as I was but also as yolo as I was about life. Because we could be crazy and just have fun while everyone else is being super serious about life
  11. She literally ALWAYS dances with me
    I dance like a TOOL. I clear space so I can just move like I'm creating my own interpretive dance. And you know who is right there beside me, even if no one else is dancing? Dewey!!
  12. She is literally my favorite person to take pictures with and we have tons of selfies to prove it
    Here's us with some pizza
  13. Bonus: she has a cool sister
    Aka @courtney2 who I also kinda forced to be my friend