Inspired by @meg1 what a wild ride this was. Couldn't find pictures for all of them.
  1. Age 3:
    1 cup of me telling stories by starting them "when I was thfree,"
  2. Age 5
    1 tsp. riding in go-karts next to whoever was old enough to take me, 2 cups idolizing my older cousins, fold in 1 Tbs. of my imaginary friend Megan and 3/4 cup of The Sound of Music on repeat
  3. Age 7:
    1 cup reading during recess, 2/3 cups trying to stay out of girl drama and a TBS. of getting cast in my first real role in theater.
  4. Age 10:
    2 cups of being the oldest kid in elementary school, 1/3 cup of feeling like I had no friends, 1 tsp of a round chubby kid wearing sweatsuits with the top and bottom matching colors and a turtleneck underneath.
  5. Age 11:
    1 cup of my first period, 2/3 cup of the ugliest yearbook photo known to man and 1 tsp of a budding interest in film.
  6. Age 13:
    1/2 cup dealing with my first bout of depression, 1 cup of nerves for high school and dash of teenage angst.
  7. Age 14:
    1 cup of liking my first girl, 2/3 cup of finding some new and better friends and a splash of navigating high school.
  8. Static
  9. Age 18:
    1 cup new experiences, 5 TBS. of rugby becoming my life, 1/2 tsp. of my first girlfriend and a splash of depression and anxiety, stir in a slight eating disorder and you get the skinniest I've ever been.
  10. Age 19:
    2 cups trying to deal with the stress of my relationship, 4 cups of rugby to relieve all stress and 1 TBS. of slacking off in school that will come back to bite me in the ass.
  11. Age 20:
    1/2 cup of my first trip to Europe, 1/4 cup being captain or the rugby team and dealing with that stress and 1/4 cup of finding out who didn't want me in their life.
  12. Age 21:
    1 cup of legally drinking, 2/3 cup of my second relationship and 1 cup of trying to plan my future
  13. Age 22: @rachel9
    1 cup of my second heartbreak, 2/3 cups of my 5th year in college, a splash of existential crises and financial worry and mix in 2/3 cup of really good friends.