Ten pictures of @sesealyah and I through the years.
  1. Let's start at the beginning, back when we had forced play dates and pictures like this.
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    Also featuring @AliceFurey and @aimeeshevs
  2. Here's the two of us doing what we do best: eating
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    I'm also wearing a stupid tinker bell hoodie???
  3. Wow, I would like to burn my forehead.
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  4. @sesealyah showing how done she is with everything.
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  5. We are SO COOL
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    But I actually like this one
  6. I peaked at prom - she didn't.
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  7. What looks like a hungover after-prom but is actually just us being tools
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  8. We did it, moving onwards
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    Also featuring @aimeeshevs and my small af boobs
  9. Looking a little scared and confused but digging it tbh
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  10. Our most recent pictures are from London???? Aka two years ago???
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  11. Bonus: this is the most recent picture
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    All of us in the first pic so grown up Awww