I'm turning 23 btw
  1. Me ex girlfriend being 19
  2. Not knowing how to work apps after I update them
  3. Proceeding to ask a freshman or my ex how to work apps after I update them
  4. When I think about a song that was popular when I was a freshman in school and people saying that song played at Sweet 16s for them
  5. The song Young, Wild and Free
  6. The thought of going out more than once a week
  7. The thought of closing the bar
  8. The hangovers I now get when I drink
  9. TV shows that people younger than me don't know but I grew up on
  10. The kids I babysit telling me the years they were born
  11. Anyone born 1997 and later tbh
  12. Gettin' psyched about my tax refund too early so I can plan a fun wild cool adventure like paying off my credit card when I spent money on other people @ Christmas 😑
    Kill me
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