What I do to see some sort of representation. I also watched Buffy but started that long before I knew there was a lesbian on the show.
  1. South of Nowhere
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    What started it all: the fanfiction, the shipping and the love
  2. Glee
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    Not the best storyline but I guess no one died and they ended up together
  3. Grey's Anatomy
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    I'm so angry that not a single couple on this show ever stays together
  4. The Fosters
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    Cute and loving with 5 children and normal problems like money and college.
  5. The L Word
    There are no words tbh
  6. Degrassi: The Next Generation
    I pretty much just watched this on YouTube because I didn't have the time for the show
  7. Orange is the New Black
    Too much. I hate piper
  8. Orphan Black
    Why did they break up? Never mix cloning and evil government conspiracies and love
  9. Pretty Little Liars
    Lol this show is so convoluted