Most memorable Christmas gifts

These are a few of the fondest and most memorable Christmas gifts I've received growing up
  1. A stuffed Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
    I saw one at a CVS one year when I was little. I was surprised to find one under the tree for me on Christmas.
  2. A Buzz Lightyear
    My cousin had one, and I was hesitant to ask for one, because I was a girl, but I already had a Woody and played with Hot Wheels cars and action figures anyway, so I thought, "Why the hell not?" His wings popped out and everything.
  3. Digital Camera
    I researched this so hard when I was 13. I wanted one that let you take videos too. The one I got was awesome, until it broke.
  4. Bratz Head Games
    I only had two Bratz dolls at the time. And this one pack came out where you got one body and 4 different heads that popped on and off. If only Marie Antoinette could have known she did not die in vain.
  5. Mall Madness board game
    The idea of a 3D like game board thrilled me. It made me feel like I could go to the mall when I couldn't go with my sisters growing up.
  6. American Girl doll
    My sisters had Molly and Kit, respectively. I wanted one, and really felt connected to Felicity. (I've been a history buff since childhood, so my love for Hamilton is not rare or unusual)