1. "Part of Your World", _Little Mermaid_ (bonus points if Korean karaoke joint plays waring cartoons behind the lyrics like they did last time; thanks, Ding Dong Dang!)
  2. "Xanadu", ONJ. ONJ+ELO=yaaaassss since 1979/80.
  3. "Insensitive", Jann Arden
  4. "Special", Garbage
  5. "Like We Never Loved at All", Faith Hill
  6. "Girlfriend", Avril Levine
  7. "I Drove All Night", Cyndi Lauper
  8. Either "Independent Women, Pt 1" or "Bootylicious", Destiny's Child
  9. "Son of a Preacher Man", Dusty Springfield
  10. "Bring Me to Life" or "Call Me When You're Sober", Evanescence
  11. Close out the cheesefest w/duet; either "Endless Love" or "Where Is the Love"