1. Ring w/my beloved Da's thumbprint & emerald for his birth month
  2. Son (obvi); still counts, right?
  3. 1892 Regina full-size music box that's still fully functional & approx 25 "records" for it w/custom-built holder. From my great-great Aunt Delia & great-great Uncle Cooney
  4. Parents' wedding bands
  5. Divorce proceedings'paperwork
  6. My 2 dogs, a pug (second one) & a teacup Brussels Griffon
  7. Set of earrings worn by my Great-Grandma that she & her 2 daughters, my Great Aunts Doe & Liz/Pep had made for them--matching ones in platinum & old country diamonds during a trip they took in the 60s to Bermuda
  8. Pierpoint lamp w/really lovely riverside painting; also family heirloom & fully functional (knock wood)
  9. My tribe of dearest, most darling friends
  10. My heart locket w/secret desire kept inside
  11. My memoir manuscript to-date