List of only the sexiest ducks in history based on my personal opinion.
  1. Daisy Duck
    A gentle soul, but this little flower ain't nothin to mess with. A sass that just won't quit. Plus she has that cute bow on the top of her head that will make every day feel like Christmas morning.
  2. Daffy Duck
    With an ambitious spirit like that, how can you not be daffy for daffy? He has a drive to get ahead in life, and to look out for number one. Hey, who can blame him? I could look at him all day.
  3. Darkwing Duck
    Tall. Dark. Handsome. Mysterious. He always leaves us wanting more with his sense for justice and his quick wit. Don't forget his great fashion sense and love of the color purple.
  4. Scrooge McDuck
    Who doesn't like a good sugar daddy? But Scrooge McDuck is a whole lot more than just dollar signs. He's a self made mogul. He loves his 3 nephews. Who doesn't like a man that loves kids?
  5. Howard the duck
    Best movie ever. Laid an egg and gave birth to the greatest NBA player of all time. Dwight Howard.
  6. The ugly duckling.
    This is a classic case of a late bloomer. Remember that awkward girl in highschool that played the French horn and wore unicorn tshirts? Well she grew up and got hot.
  7. Donald Duck
    Donald might not be the most physically attractive, but he doesn't need to be. With an eloquent vocabulary and pricing eyes, Donald can win you over with his words.