Today was my last day of school! As you may or may not know, I go to Primavera Online High School. These are some of the cool parts of doing school on the computer:
  1. You get to work at your own pace
    Kinda obvious but one of the best parts. I finished 8th grade 6 weeks ago, and am now taking high school classes. Pretty kewl
  2. You can sleep in
    I like sleeping
  3. You can pet your cats whenever you want
    Sometimes I miss my cats during school, ya know?
  4. It's not 100% onlin
    You're not on a computer all day. There's also a physical campus. You can make friends 🍍
  5. My teachers were super nice
    Except Mr. Mitchell. Mr Mitchell was the worst. (Jk mr Mitchell you were ok)
  6. You can take vacations whenever you want to :0
  7. I can work over the summer
    That may seem like not a great thing, but it's not mandatory. Great for kids who need to catch up on classes but don't want to be stuck in a classroom for summer school all summer
  8. I'm doing summer school right now
    It's because I want to do 10th grade geometry nothing bad I promose
  9. You can work wherever you want
    I'm going to Brazil on June 6th so I can still do summer school while I'm there 🇧🇷
  10. I love this school
    Overall this would probably be one of the best schools I've been to. 9/10 would do again. It's only 9/10 because of mr Mitchell