Some normal photos

I've always been the kind of person to take photos of everything and anything. Even if that anything is:
  1. My sister dressed as a minion eating paper
    We have a shared hate of minions. All I can say is: w h y
  2. Draw the squad like
    I could see this photo being in one of those "draw the squad" posts
  3. No context
    I won't give you any context on this one. @sophster
  4. Me
    I really don't know why I did this. I was wearing pajamas, btw, so I must have done this early in the morning
  5. Scary
    Me in an empty airplane. Kinda creepy
  6. Thank u
    Not mine, but still funny, nonetheless
  7. Voldemort
    We have this pillow with my sisters face on it. Don't ask me why.
  8. Dead
    You look kinda dead, Skyla. Are you ou okay??