Just wanted to make my first list! In no particular order...
  1. No Hell by Cloud Cult
    The first single off of Cloud Cults forthcoming album is everything I love about the band. Damaged and sincere, broken but charged with hope!
  2. Molly - Palehound
    Cheerful grunge? Is that a thing?
  3. My Type - Saint Motel
    Because that horn section will get into your brain!
  4. Trustful Hands - The Do
    The first 20 seconds are my favorite part of this song.
  5. The Trooper - The Protomen
    One of my favorite bands of all time covering one of the greatest metal bands of all time? Yes please!
  6. Come In - Children 18.3
    Never has an invitation to come in sounded so enticing. 2 minutes of bliss. This is how you start an album.
  7. Runaway (U & I) - Galantis
    For your bombastic club banger sing-along needs
  8. Lost It To Trying - Son Lux
    For your inner hipster.
  9. Thousand Eyes - Of Monsters and Men
    Because it's getting me pumped for Jessica Jones! Go watch that trailer on Netflix.
  10. Pick Up The Phone - Falling In Reverse
    Filling the void left by no My Chemical Romance. This song has attitude. Plus it perfectly captures that anger of being ignored when trying to call someone on the phone.