6 things i've learned about pueblos in my latest visit to Mexico

After visiting my parent's home country for the first time in years recently, I've learned some interesting things about the pueblos and decided to share them.
  1. Almost everybody owns a business
    By business, I don't mean huge corporations with C.E.Os and regulations. Here, you'll see tons individuals try and open up shops filled with whatever they think will sell. Sometimes they simply use their house or the back of their truck as a place of business. Whatever they can do to get ahead. For instance, my aunt converted the front of here home to a small grocery store and the backyard to a miniature chicken farm.
  2. There is an abundance of mountains and open land in between them
    While driving through the country to reach my pueblo is Zacatecas I noticed something peculiar. Unlike in Texas, where long road trips from one populated area to another had you pass through small towns, pit stops, and maybe a house there's almost nothing in between the pueblos except for power lines, land, and beautiful desolate mountains.
  3. Police have Assault Rifles
    This one was a surprise to me because i'm not at all use to seeing uniformed men locked and loaded on the daily.
  4. The quality of things are less than satisfying
    By no means are the people of Mexico completely behind in luxuries like cell phones, computers, and other technology. But the scenery in the homes are typically not appealing to the eye. (The picture above is of the backyard of my grandfather's home)
  5. They get turnt with the littlest of resources
    For this party a saloon was rented, catering was paid for, and a local band was hired. And the attendees had the time of their lives!
  6. Things are improving
    More and more projects are being funded by the Mexican government nowadays. Recently, a huge chunk of the freeway system was completely remodeled making it much more safer and easier to travel and pictured above is a new library setup in the heart of my pueblo. (Which looks extremely out of place compared to the rest of the scenery by the way.)