Graphic Novels + Comics I'd recommend

I mentioned doing one like this, and I've got the free time right now so fuck it; here we go. In no particular order
  1. Sweet Tooth
    There's a plague; wipes people out wholesale. After which, all children born have some degree of animal features and run the gauntlet from low to high functioning. The cause? Not what you'd expect. Limited series.
  2. Y: The Last Man
    Something wipes out anything carrying a Y chromosome, with the exception of one dude and his pet Capuchin monkey. I picked this cover because I like the title, Kimono Dragons. Limited series.
  3. Ex Machina
    Directly post-9/11 setting. The mayor of NYC gains the ability to verbally command machines. An apparent villain shows up with the same ability, but with animals. They're obviously connected, but how? Limited series.
  4. Fables
    A fresh take on fairy tales and fables. After a point, they start reaching for ideas though...just my two cents. Ongoing series.
  5. Planetary
    Ok, imagine if Indiana Jones and the X-Men had a baby, this would be it. They're antiquarians/archaeologists and they have super powers. Plus, the antagonists are an evil version of the Fantastic Four. (As far as I know) Limited series.
  6. Boxers/Saints
    Covers both sides of the Boxer Rebellion in China from the perspective of two people on either side of it, in two seperate, potentially stand-alone books. One-off; not a series.
  7. The Wake
    If you're not familiar with the "Aquatic Ape Theory," you will be after reading this. One-off.
  8. Ronin
    A samurai from feudal Japan (as opposed to a samurai from industrial revolutionary England, I guess) finds himself in the digital age in a very real way. One-off.
  9. Batman: No Man's Land
    Earthquake, disease, etc causes Gotham to be cut of from and wrote off by the rest of the country. So you have Batman and his allies (individually), villains, GCPD carving out parts of the city in what amounts to a kind of post-apocalyptic gang/turf war. Limited series.
  10. Aliens vs Predator WAR
    Yes, that's a human Predator. And she's a woman, yes. Nuff said.
  11. 100 Bullets
    Imagine you're given a briefcase and told "There's a gun in there and 100 bullets. Not only are the bullets untraceable but if they come up in any investigation whatsoever that investigation will be called off, covered up, and hushed up. Do with them what you will." WWJD, indeed. Ongoing series (I think).
  12. Injection
    "It is sci fi, tales of horror, strange crime fiction, techno-thriller and ghost story all at the same time. A serialized sequence of graphic novels about how loud and strange the world is getting, about the wild future and the haunted past all crashing into the present day at once, and about 5 eccentric geniuses dealing with the paranormal and the numinous as well as the growing weight of what they did to the planet with the Injection."
  13. Akira
    Sooooooo much stuff was cut for time for the movie (much Lord of the Rings or Dune). 6 thick-ass volumes. Limited series.
  14. Old Man Logan
    It's bizarre. Yes that's Wolverine as an old dude, and yes he's eviscerating a redneck, inbred Hulk.
  15. Rat Queens
    Just a fun read. Ongoing series.
  16. Deadpool kills Deadpool
    Pigpool, Lady Deadpool, Kid Deadpool, Dogpool, Pandapool, T-Rex-pool (I guess); every possible configuration of 'pool going at it. One-off.
  17. Superior Spider-Man
    What if Doctor Octopus used his mad science to basically switch bodies with Peter Parker? Find out. He does kind of make a superior Spider-Man, though.
  18. Superior Iron Man
    Tony Stark is host to some kind of thing of his own creation. Think T-1000 from Terminator 2 plus the Venom symbiote. If you thought Tony was an egomaniac before this....
  19. Superman Red Son
    Imagine if, instead of landing in Kansas or wherever, his space baby pod thing landed in Stalinist Russia.
  20. Walking Dead
    I prefer the comics to the show because the comics are a little bit more action-oriented whereas the show is maybe more soap opera-y. I get it, play to the crowd & all that. Here in the picture you have Negan using Lucille to mash in Glenn's head. Sorry 'bout it. Ongoing series.
  21. X-Men, Fatal Attractions
    Magneto pulls the adamantium off Wolverine's bones out through his pores. Ouch. Why they keep bringing him when they know Magneto will be there?
  22. Scalped
    Tough to describe. Reads kind of like a Tarantino movie. Not based on a true story, but it could be. If anything it sheds light on what some reservations are like, because a lot of people don't realize just how bad some of them are. Or don't give a shit. Ongoing series, I think.
  23. The Goon
    Fuckin great. Marv from Sin City + The Great Depression + humor + action & gore + zombie, voodoo shit = The Goon
  24. The Last Zombie
    Say zombie apocalypse breaks out, and it gets under relative control *before* it's full blown apocalypse. Limited series.
  25. Ms. Marvel
    Not much to say here, I just enjoy it. Ongoing series.
  26. Black Science
    Dude decides to build a device to travel between dimensions or parallel realities and the whole thing goes sideways, off the rails, etc. Go figure. Not sure if this is limited or ongoing
  27. Copperhead
    She becomes sheriff of some backwater town on some backwater planet and inherits a mystery. Multispecies civilization. Limited or ongoing, I'm not sure.
  28. Outcast
    Demon possession, long term.
  29. Preacher
    Limited series, so let's see how they deal with that TV show-wise.
  30. Punk Rock Jesus
    Take DNA from the Shroud of Turin, make a clone from that and base a triple A reality show around the kid in question.
  31. The Wicked + The Divine
    Every x years this pantheon of 'gods' reincarnated in order to inspire the human race. The catch? No ands ifs or buts, they all die 7 years after they manifest/ way or another.