Just to the ball rolling here.
  1. DUNE
    Classic. I feel like George Lucas bit Frank Herbert on this, and I would like to imagine that in the theatre seeing Star Wars for the first time and just looks at the nearest person and screams "THE FUCK!!" in their face.
  2. The Three Body Problem
    Really liked this one
  3. Dark Forest
    Sequel to the TBP. Was also good, though the translation wasn't quite as good.
  4. The Taqwacores
    Check it out
  5. Beautiful You
    Was a little bizarre at points; but definitely worth the read.
  6. The Silmarillion
    Nuff said.
  7. Prospero Burns
    Pretty much any Warhammer 40k novels. Gore, lots of it.
  8. The Bible
    Awww, snap. Just kidding. I've not read it recently.
  9. World Without End
    Sequel to Pillars of the Earth. Still reading this guy right here; it's fairly thick.
  10. A bunch of graphic novels
    Probably should have its own list