1. The Mass Effect trilogy
    Great story, great character development, and the opportunity to romance a few aliens. Oh, and the opportunity to create a badass leading lady. Need I ask for more?
  2. The Elder Scrolls (Particularly Skyrim)
    Beautiful games, and probably the closest thing I'll get to a decent open world lord of the rings game.
  3. Wolfenstein: The New Order
    Not usually an FPS fan, but this game had me hooked from the get go and is easily in my top 3 favourites. The characters will really stick with you.
  4. Until Dawn
    Beautiful looking game, as well as really fun to play. I love the butterfly effect system in the game and the anxiety you feel over whether or not you've made the right choice. I've yet to finish a play through where I've saved all of the characters!
  5. This War of Mine
    One of the most difficult survival simulation/strategy games I've played. You really have to think decisions through and you have to be quick as well. Probably one of the most realistic games as well in terms of consequences and struggles.
  6. Fallout Series
    How can I skip these? Lots of fun and lots of frustration when scouring the wasteland. These are the type of games where you'll experience something new every time you play them.
  7. Resident Evil 4
    One of my favourite Resident Evil games. Fun and different. Not to mention my undying love for Leon S. Kennedy.