She's beauty and she's grace...
  1. Taylor Swift
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    Flawless. Flawless. Flawless. Although I consider Tay Tays music to be a bit of a guilty pleasure, I'll shout my love of her outfits from the rooftops! Girl rocks a blouse like no other.
  2. Kelly Brooke
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    I've always had a bit of boobs and butt, and growing up I tried to cover that up as much as possible. KB can be very hit and miss, but seeing her embrace her curves (and rock them!) has inspired me to flaunt it when I can.
  3. Dita Von Teese
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    You'd be crazy not to have her on any style list. Timelessly beautiful.
  4. Grace Helbig
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    It's hard to find a picture that truly captures Grace's style. She's awkwardly adorable, and unknowingly beautiful. She's the reason why I have such a large collection of statement necklaces now.