Appropriate or not.
  1. You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me - Cher
    If I do decide to come back as a ghost, I want people to have a heads up. If I don't, then I still want people thinking I will.
  2. World In Union - Sol3 Mio
    I like to think I'd have achieved such an great status that my death would bring world peace. A World in Union. A World as one.
  3. Welsh National Anthem
    On top of creating world peace, I want an international funeral. Of course, my home countries anthem will have to be played.
  4. Time Is Running Out - Muse
    Well my time would have ran out, but that doesn't mean that I can't warn others of the danger.
  5. Who Wants To Live Forever - Queen
    Self explanatory really. Have to end on a sad note. It is my funeral after all.