It's cold. It's gloomy. I still have another 8 1/2 hours left in work.
  1. PJs
    This is obvious. I want to be snuggled in my onesie right now and feel all cwtched and warm.
  2. Fallout 4
    It's been out for 10 1/2 hours now and I still haven't been able to play it.
  3. A showing of Spectre
    Q. James Bond. Christoph Waltz. Moriarty. And some more Q. Why have I not seen this yet?
  4. Starbucks
    I am indeed a typical white girl who practically has gingerbread lattes running through her veins. Sue me.
  5. Human interaction
    My job entails me sitting on my own for most of a 12 hour shift. Although I'm an introvert, a human face is pleasant occasionally.
  6. Snow or sun
    No one likes a middle man. I don't want miserable wet weather that goes no where. I want snow or sun. Preferably snow.
  7. My lunch break
    So I can go to Starbucks and cross off one item on my list.