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I've been to a lot. These rankings are completely based on my own experience.
  1. PNC Park, Pittsburgh Pirates
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    I am biased. This place is home & my happy place. The best deal in the stadium is Buccaroos. Small kids portions but cheap food. The best seats are on the third base side for the best view of the city. There are $2.50 drafts and cheap apps in the HOF club after the game. Bucco Brigade is also the best job ever.
  2. Angel Stadium, LA Angels of Anaheim
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    My fam & I had the best experience at Anaheim. Mike Trout hit 2 homers. The 2nd was a grand slam straight into the "trout net." The food was great, churros, helmet full of nachos, cheapest beer in the MLB. Employees were incredibly nice as well as Angels fans. Very relaxed atmosphere. Heck people hit beach balls in the stands the entire game they don't get taken away like they do at east coast sporting events. My family will talk about that game & Mike Trout for decades to come.
  3. Wrigley Field, Chicago Cubs
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    I met Ronnie Woo Woo. Felt welcomed at the friendly confines of Wrigley and loved the old time band that walks around and plays between innings. Tradition is important to Wrigley an the bars in Wrigleyville aren't too bad either.
  4. Fenway Park, Boston Red Sox
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    Red Sox fans gave Mariano Rivera a standing ovation at Fenway. That doesn't happen ever but it was Mo's final year it was a special moment. I wore Yankees gear and didn't get harassed once (it was a day game). Fenway is worth the visit as the stadium has been wonderfully preserved.
  5. AT&T Park, San Francisco Giants
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    AT&T park is supposed to rival PNC park as the top 2 parks in the US. The view of McCovey cove is gorgeous. The margaritas delicious but man it was cold at the game. Felt like I was watching October baseball but it was July. Tickets were pretty expensive (reigning WS champs at the time). Fans seemed less interested in the game but whatever there's s great view.
  6. Citi Field, NY Mets
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    They have alcoholic slushies. It's also a nice ball park easy to get to on the LIRR. But the slushies were great, the line was short and the buzz lasted a 14 inning game.
  7. Nationals Park, Washington Nationals
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    Crab Nachos, Shake Shack, & the racing presidents. The Nat Pack & Presidents are friends and they know how to put on a show during a game. Everyone loves the presidents race, especially Teddy. Ballpark is massive! The area around it is up and coming and taking the metro is the way to go!
  8. Dodger Stadium, LA Dodgers
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    Dodger Stadium brings you back in time. The design and feel of the stadium is very late 50s-60s retro. Dodger Dogs were 1000x than Oakland's devil dog. The ravine views are picturesque at sunset and fans usually get there by the third inning because well LA traffic.
  9. Yankee Stadium (1923-2008), NY Yankees
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    Besides having steep stairs that could more than likely lead to your untimely death. I have sentimental attachment. I grew up loving the Yankees. I mean they were a dynasty in the 90s 00s, the core four, and the fact that they seemed to be a part of historic moments in baseball. I miss old Yankee Stadium. They made it look like crap with its renovation in the 1970s but it was hallow ground.
  10. Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia Phillies
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    Reminded me of PNC Park with a very distant view of Philly's skyline in the distance. Cheesesteaks were good. I also went to a day game and was not heckled because this was still when the Pirates were bad. We even won and Phillies fans wished us good luck with the season (we collapsed in August 2012).
  11. (New)Yankee Stadium, NY Yankees
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    First off the museum inside the stadium is a MUST! If you love history it's a great opportunity to learn about the history of the team as well as relics from moments in the team's history. They even transported Thurman Munson's locker, untouched and have it on display as a somber tribute to the Yankee Captain. Garlic fries are amazing & ordering right from your seats is the best thing ever.
  12. Shea Stadium (1964-2008), NY Mets
    I've been to Shea maybe twice in my life. The first time it was Yiddish heritage day and I had no clue what was going on. The second time it poured and there was a rain delay. I always liked the big neon images of the different players outside the stadium thought that was unique and of course the silhouette of the NYC skyline. Glad they brought the home run Apple to citi that was a tradition that needed to stay.
  13. Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh Pirates (1970-2000)
    A lot of firsts here. First ballpark ever been to, ran the bases, heck I even had the bullpen throw me a ball. Not the most appealing stadium as it looks similar to Oakland's but childhood memories will never be forgotten.
  14. Oakland Coliseum, Oakland A's
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    No offense to A's fans it was just a sad stadium. It felt like Three Rivers Stadium with the upper levels being tarped. Was not too crowded and the in game entertainment between innings was ok. I got a "devil dog" on national hot dog day and it was mediocre. Nothing more American than eating a hot dog at ball park on national hot dog day but who cares. That's all I got.