No order because each one makes me uncomfortable in their own way...
  1. King Cake Baby, NOLA Pelicans
    I don't care if king cake babies are a tradition. Making a creepy gigantic baby mascot is reassuring me why I'm not ready for kids. King Cake is delicious but do you really need a giant creepy baby mascot to show how New Orleans you are? Don't think so.
  2. Steely McBeam
    I'm a steelers fan and opposed having a mascot when Steely was introduced. I decided the pillow pet pic is the perfect level of creepiness I feel about this mascot. Who wants their child cuddling a union member with no family in bed at night? The 5 o'clock shadow also bothers me too. Would have preferred a Brett Kiesel like beard.
  3. Mr. Red Legs, Cincinnati Reds
    The crazy looking eyes and mustache creep me out. Looks like he's strung out on something.
  4. RMU Colonial
    I've been personally victimized by this mascot. He has followed me around at hockey & basketball games. The grey shade of his skin also reminds me of a colonial zombie.
  5. OSU Cowboy
    Just look at the face then tell me I won't have nightmares. Probs will. Plastic Burt Reynolds wannabe.
  6. Purdue Boilermaker
    Let's just make a head, nothing else. I guess I don't like the fake head and real body. Make up your mind on the Boilermaker, Purdue! Either a guy dressed as a Boilermaker or a full mascot costume of a Boilermaker.
  7. UNLV Rebel
    Yosemite Sam with white hair. Massive butt chin and beady little eyes.
  8. Iona College Gaels
    Looks like Seamus McTiernen from Luck of the Irish. Should be banished to the shores of Erie. ( I'm Irish and tbh I think the real life mascot for Notre Dame is better than creating a costume of one)
  9. Old School Chuck E. Cheese
    The original Pizza Rat. 🍕🐀The shifty eyes as he would perform on stage was stuff made of childhood nightmares. Give me your tokens and leave me alone. No wonder corporate has revamped his look to a friendlier model.
  10. McDonald's Hamburglar
    McDonalds Cheeseburgers are a guilty pleasure and I don't want them stolen from me. Also why did he never steal Mayor McCheese's head? I mean it's a burger.
  11. Burger King
    This commercial for Burger King breakfast I think scared me the most. I would be paralyzed in fear if the Burger King was in my bed, just laying there as a mute.
  12. Pasqually from Chuck E. Cheese
    Creepy chef and the only human that hangs out with a band of animals? More than likely is crazy and in a fit of rage would kill you if you don't like his pizza.
  13. Jasper from Chuck E. Cheese
    He probably shoots lasers from those eyes. I'm a dog person but there's something about Jasper that says his eyes follow you around at Chuck E. Cheese even when it's closed.