Memorable or deplorable?
  1. What do you put as your first bullet point? Will anyone read it after this point? Big deal first impressions count on Internet. Makes me think of catfish.
  2. This app is cool so far. No spam porn accounts are trying to following me yet.
  3. My friend @k8mcgarry introduced me to the list app so holla.
  4. Thoughts are so random this list can be random right? Well it's my account so i do me.
  5. Maybe I should put a quote on living life you see on canvas prints at TJ Maxx.
  6. I really like Ke$ha. 🦄✨
  7. I know a lot of useless information that comes in handy at bar trivia. Should have applied my brain power towards mechanical engineering...
  8. Still reading at this point? 🤔
  9. I live tweet a lot of sporting events not sure if i should switch to live lists of events?
    Mostly baseball. I am a baseball geek.
  10. Single 😘. <<< this reminds me of AIM profile days when you put all your BFFAEAEs' initials or your boyfriend of 2 weeks name and a song lyric with it.
  11. I'll be running my first marathon in May. I'll also be pissing my pants for the first time in over 20 years in May. #streakover
  12. That's all I got right now. ✌🏻️