Requested by @BWN_7
As requested by @BWN_7
  1. My first marathon.
    May 1st!
  2. Harry Potter Weekend on ABC Family
    I always stop after goblet of fire idk why that's always my drop off point.
  3. Creating a manual or slideshow about my job.
    If I ever leave my company I wish to leave it with a guide on how to fulfill my job role. I was the first person to hold this position therefore I had to teach myself. I hope that by creating a guide it's a good end plan to have for someone to use who's filling my shoes.
  4. Breaking Bad
    Need to watch like 4 more episodes.
  5. Quart of chalk paint i bought at lowe's.
    I used it to paint my headboard and I keep using it on small projects trying to use it up as much as possible. Recently I painted wine bottles with it.
  6. My part time retail job.
    It's not worth it anymore to work 4 hours on minimum wage only to be forced to buy new clothes every six months.
  7. Organizing my clothes.
    Need to prepare for spring and store my winter clothes but I live in Pittsburgh the weather is unpredictable.