Things I've done since my last list

So my last real post was in April (even though I just published a list today, it was in my drafts forever) just wanted to let you all know what I've been doing.
  1. Finished a marathon.
    It was not easy. I'm glad I did it though. Raised money for a really great charity, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
  2. Won tickets to a Stanley Cup Final Game via Twitter contest
    Game 2 pens won in overtime. Wiz Khalifa's DJ, DJ Bonics was in our suite and got us on the Jumbotron dancing with him.
  3. Took my Dad to the US open.
    Oakmont has hosted the open a record 9 times and it was time to finally go for me & my dad. So much fun. I'm a golf fan now. Rich people been hiding how relaxing & fun it is to drink and cheer for putts.
  4. Went to NYC Attended all you can drink beer night.
    Best decision ever. Kudos to a smoothly ran event Barstool Sports. Highly recommend attending Barstool At the Ballpark.
  5. Adopted @k8mcgarry
    She attended Billy Joel with my family so she's basically family.
  6. Saw Justin Bieber in concert.
    Our Canadian lord & savior. Thank you for the Purpose album. 🐐🇨🇦
  7. Traveled by myself for work in Washington (state)
    Celebrated my birthday with complete strangers in the Pacific Northwest but it was really cool to explore another part of the US. Need to go back for whale watching though.
  8. Tried Stand Up Paddle Boarding
    SUP dude
  9. Shit I did a lot. The only things that were planned were adopting Kate & training/completing the marathon. Life is random. Try to leave room for fun things.