Camped for a week at Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite. A week with no electricity, no WiFi, spotty cell service. It was my first time going to Yosemite. I can't wait to go back. No, I didn't see any bears.
  1. Camp is on the left of this.
  2. Tuolumne Meadow
    Easy, nice hike to Soda Springs.
  3. Marmot
    He was peeking behind a rock, waited for him to come out.
  4. Soda Springs
    The water bubbles out of the ground.
  5. Soda Springs
    You can drink it from this spot. This mineral water is like drinking rusty alka-seltzer. (The water is clear, the wet soil is orange.)
  6. Magic Falls by Kitty and Puppy Domes*
    *Not the map names. This spot wasn't in the field book I had. Nicknamed by the kids in our group.
  7. Looking downriver from the falls.
  8. Walked upriver a ways to another swimming hole.
  9. Amazing views at Olmstead Point lookout.
  10. Starting the hike to May Lake.
  11. The light is amazing here! The way it goes through the trees and on the water, the shadows and glow....I loved it.
  12. When you lòok up as you are hiking and instead of peaks, rock and domes, you start just seeing sky.
  13. May Lake, High Sierra Camp
    We spent the day here.
  14. I mean, seriously! This view!
  15. Morning view.
    The river was maybe 30 steps from camp. A group of five deer walked by every morning. It got down to the 30's at night (bbrrrr).
  16. Tenaya Lake
  17. Stellar's Jay
  18. Yosemite Valley:
  19. Driving to the Valley, Merced River down in the middle.
  20. Yosemite Falls.
  21. Half Dome
  22. View from Tioga Road. Mono Lake in the distance.
  23. Along Tioga Road