1. Punctuality
    Truth bomb.
  2. Singing.
  3. Cooking dinner 'every' night.
    I used to, but not so much anymore. Sometimes it's just cereal, or grilled cheese, or soup. #cheezitsandgummybears
  4. Sleeping in on vacation.
    Sometimes I like to wake up early, and have time to myself. It's when I want to get up early and go that annoys others. A vacation mommism: "Let's get this show on the road!"
  5. Saying the right thing at the right time.
    In solemn or sad situations, I won't know what to say, and then my humor defense mechanism kicks in. And then it's awkward and inappropriately funny.
  6. Shopping for electronics
    This is one of the worst chores. Get a new phone? Ugh. I only do this when absolutely necessary, like when my phone screen shatters. Get a new tv? Ugh. I have gone to Best Buy about seven times to get a tv and walked away each time tv-less. I do own a tv, but it is like 8 (?) years old, and a box. I am equally ashamed and apathetic about it. I refer to my home as a technological black hole.
  7. Talking about your pets.
    I am sorry about this one. I'll really try to be interested, I'll listen, but I will have no follow up dialog to contribute. (Exception: with my sister about her adorable dog.)
  8. Sports
    Meh, it doesn't really bother me though.