1. I wonder if my resting face is bitchy?
  2. Imaginary conversations.
    Too late clever comebacks. Continued imagined dialogue from actual conversations. Completely imaginary conversations that never will happen.
  3. Daily gratitude/three items.
  4. Will I get Alzheimers?
    Should I start making lists of things that I shouldn't forget?
  5. Do I have undiscovered cancer somewhere in my body?
  6. I wonder if I have ever met a serial killer?
    Or even just been around one? There is that statistic that said probably. Who?
  7. What if I went to school with someone that became a serial killer?
    I wonder if it would have been someone not surprising, or surprising. (Would it ever be not surprising?)
  8. Awkward things that I have said and done.
    Recently, and in the distant past.
  9. Vacation itineraries.
  10. Grocery lists.