I use literally all these apps/services so I can 100% vouch for them. They are LIFE GAME CHANGERS.
  1. Nurx
    Free Birth control. Delivered to you in 2 days or less. No doctor visit required. (Just a virtual consultation that's basically 4 quick texts back and forth). LIFE CHANGING.
  2. Sleep With Me Podcast
    I struggle falling asleep bc I hate silence, but get so invested if I listen or watch something interesting. This podcast has changed my life. It's just interesting enough to keep you focused, but just boring enough to put you out. This guys voice is so soothing too. I fall asleep in 30min or less now. Seriously, just try it.
  3. Digit
    Digit analyzes your spending habits, then pulls money out of your account and saves it for you when appropriate. You never overdraft, and it allows you to save money without thinking. Also, you can take it back out of digit SUPER easy. I suck at saving cause I always end up spending the money I save. This is the perfect fix. BONUS: Use this link to sign up and I get $5:
  4. Sleep Cycle
    The app that wakes you up in the lightest stage of your sleep cycle so you aren't jarred awake and actually want to get out of bed. Plus, gives you tons of fun stats and stuff, which is awesome if you're like me and enjoy quantifying yourself.
  5. Facebook Notify
    I had about 384628 different apps just to get notifications. ESPN, CNN, you name it. It's hard to stay on top of stuff! But THIS APP, guys. IT DOES IT ALL! And you can customize the kinds of notifications you want. For example, I get a daily mini-meditation from Headspace, a notification when my fav team is in a close game, life hacks from hufpo, election updates from CNN, daily NSFW stories from VICE, and so much more!!!
  6. Product Hunt
    I love to have cool new things before everyone, and then I love to tell everyone about them. @ProductHunt is literally my favorite app/site of all time. Learn about all the coolest new apps/books/podcasts/gadgets being released. It's also a great place to find apps to suit your needs. Search "calendars" and you'll get 195727 calendar apps in your results, and then you can pick the one that suits you! One day, they will invite me so I can comment and ask questions. That will be the best day.
  7. Healthy Out
    Shows you only the healthy options available at restaurants nearby so you don't have to torture yourself by scrolling through the delicious but unhealthy foods when ordering delivery. GAME CHANGER.
  8. Google Shopping Express
    Delivers basically anything to your door in 2 hours. (Provided the delivery window isn't at capacity). Includes stores like Target, Walgreens, Sephora, and more. Also, I believe they are officially adding perishable foods to their delivery options now 🙏🏽