Backstage. At Hamilton the musical. On Broadway. Best day of my whole life.
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    I've been obsessed with Hamilton, in the heights, and Lin Manuel Miranda forever
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    So my boyfriend, Justin, bought us tickets!
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    Best present ever! So we flew to New York to see it.
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    We went to the ham4ham show
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    I took this photo because I thought it would be the closest I'd ever get to Lin Manuel Miranda
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    Then the show started!
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    It was so great. Like, so so so so unbelievably great.
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    When the show ended and bows began...
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    Justin grabbed my hand and let me to the stage door.
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    Luis Miranda (Lin's father) greeted us and took us back to Lin's dressing room!
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    At this point I was crying. And it was so embarrassing but I couldn't help it.
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    "I know how much you love Hamiltpn, Lin, and theater, so I wanted to make this experience as happy as possible for you. I want to keep making you happy for the rest of our lives."
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    I SAID YES!!!
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    "I used to dream about this moment, now I'm in it!"
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    Lin and his dad got us a bottle of champagne!!!
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    Then he Facetimed my family with me!
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    They were at home in Illinois waiting for the call. LOOK HOW CUTE LUIS IS WATCHING IT ALL HAPPEN.
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    And Jonathan Groff came in and helped too!!!
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    "She said yaaaaasssss" video:
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    And then Lin announced to the whole cast that we got engaged in his dressing room!!
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    Video: and he took this great pic with us too.
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    Then we met Chris Jackson and I still couldn't stop crying.
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    Seriously, look at my face.
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    I was so embarrassed in the moment.
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    The whole cast celebrated with us!
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    They were SO NICE. We hugged and cheered and it was so incredible.
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    Finally, we said goodbye.
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    They gave us some signed goodies, the champagne bottle, and champagne glasses to take with us too! I CANNOT EMPHASIZE ENOUGH HIW KIND, THOUGHTFUL, AND GENEROUS THE WHOLE HAMILTON CAST AND CREW WERE!!! I am so thankful.
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    It was the most magical, surreal, incredible, life-changing, memorable moment of my life. I am SO BLESSED and SO LUCKY to have the most amazing fiancΓ© in the world.
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    THANK YOU EVERYONE! Your responses are so nice, and SO appreciated. I'm glad I could share this incredible day with my fav people on @listapp. 😍
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    UPDATE: How he pulled it off!
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    It was honestly all Lin Manuel's father. Justin reached out to the cast on twitter, but its easy to get lost in the shuffle there. So he used internet skillz & contacted Luis. He told him our story, and my love for Lin and his work (guys - i have his tony acceptance speech memorized. its bad). Luis immediately responded and was more than willing to help him figure something out! (It was almost going to be @ ham4ham, but this was easier). If u have more q's let me know!
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    UPDATE: Bonus detail!
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    This is the giant Hamilton book Lin signed for us. So kind. And these are the wine glasses and champagne bottle he let us keep. We're getting the glasses engraved with "Siempre" and the date!!
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    UPDATE: video!!!
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    My boyfriend is a video editor so obviously he was filming all weekend and such. Here's the video!