1. 2011: The Microwave We Threw Down The Stairs
    In college, my roommate and I were tipsy and wandering around a frat house. We found a Microwave in the hallway and they told us it was broken. So, we asked if we could throw it down the stairs to see what happens. It broke in a fantastic manner and everybody cheered.
  2. 2016: The Office Microwave I Set on Fire
    At work 2 weeks ago I made popcorn at 10am and I put it in the microwave for 2min (the appropriate time) and when I went back to get it the kitchen was filled with smoke and I tried to rescue the popcorn but when I opened the microwave door a giant mushroom cloud of smoke poofed out, so me and my work team fanned the smoke as much as possible and the whole 2nd floor smelled like burnt popcorn the rest of the week and everyone hated me. (Facilities threw the microwave away)